Pension Fund 

ATTENTION MEMBERS - Click HERE for important information regarding changes to the Pipe Trades Services MN Pension Fund

The Pipe Trades Services MN pension Fund made changes beginning with hours worked April 1, 2020 and moving forward.

Please watch this introductory video for background on why these changes are being implemented.


Planning your Retirement:
Prior to retirement it is important for you to contact the Funds office to make a retirement appointment.

If you are married both you and your spouse will need to be present at the appointment to sign the retirement application and other forms.

The following documents are necessary to process your retirement:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Spouse's birth certificate for a joint & survivor pension
  • Marriage license for a joint & survivor pension
  • Proof of disability for a disability pension

Retired and Returning to Work?
If you are already retired and are thinking of returning to work, you must contact the Funds office before going back to work.

The benefit plans have very specific rules with regard to work after retirement.

It is important for you to have all of the facts regarding your benefits before returning to work!

Pension Plan Rules for Work After Retirement
The Pension Plan has specific rules with regard to the number of hours that can be worked by retired members.

"The Participant's monthly benefit shall be suspended for any month before the Participant has attained Normal Retirement Age in which the Participant is employed in Disqualifying Employment. "Disqualifying Employment" for the period before Normal Retirement Age is employment in any type of work classified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement or self-employment in any capacity in the Pipe Trades Industry as defined in 1.14, except that after the first ninety (90) days of retirement the Participant, if not receiving a Disability Pension, shall be permitted to work in Disqualifying Employment up to 560 hours per Plan Credit Year."

Other rules regarding work after retirement apply as listed on pages 11 and 12 of your PTSMN Pension summary plan description booklet.

Financial Worksheets
Please click on the following links for Retirement Planning worksheets. You will need Microsoft Excel© to open, work and save these worksheets. These are general worksheets designed to help you in the planning process and not to provide specific retirement or investment advice.

PTSMN Active Income Statement

PTSMN Retiree Income Statement

PTSMN Retiree Annual Spending Worksheet

Plan Documents:


Pension Fund Summary of Material Modification 03-24-2021

2022 Annual Funding Notice